Executive Diploma Scholarships for Women at University of Oxford in UK 2021


The University of Oxford is taking applications for the Executive Diploma Scholarships for Women in the United Kingdom for the 2021/22 school year.

The objective of the Executive Diploma Scholarships for Women is to assist exceptional female applicants of merit and to inspire an increase in women thinking about senior leadership roles.

Oxford Saïd is the University of Oxford’s department for undergraduate and graduate scholars in business, management and finance. Undergraduates are also trained as part of the Economics and Management course along with the Department of Economics.

The school of management was renamed Saïd Business School in 1996.

Saïd Business School’s primary degree programs are its one-year full-time MBA program, 21-month integrated Executive MBA program, the DPhil or PhD Program in Management Studies, the MSc in Financial Economics in collaboration with the Economics Department, the two-year MSc in Major Program Management and the one-year MSc in Law and Finance (MLF) in partnership with the Oxford Law Faculty.

Worth of Executive Diploma Scholarships for Women

One scholarship award valued £10,000 towards the program fees is available for an exceptional female applicant on each of their Diploma programs.

Eligibility for Executive Diploma Scholarships for Women

  • Academic accomplishment (Evaluated through CV, transcripts, scholarship award statement)
  • Professional accomplishment; in particular proof of leadership, or leadership prospect (Evaluated through CV, scholarship statement)
  • A desire to motivate/act as a role model (Evaluated via scholarship award statement)
  • A willingness and enthusiasm to become a devoted ambassador for the School, embodying the School’s values, both whilst on the program and beyond. (Evaluated through scholarship award statement)

How to Apply for Executive Diploma Scholarships for Women

Submit a supporting statement (at most 500 words) in the Funding area of the Diploma program application form, talking about how you fulfil the scholarship award selection criteria.

General entrance requirements:

  • A first-class or an upper-second class undergraduate degree program or equivalent foreign qualifications (GPA of 3.5). They will give consideration to candidates who do not possess such a qualification but can display a predominantly strong employment record and/or possess certain professional qualifications.
  • Minimum of 5 years of relevant professional experience.
  • English language adeptness (either TOEFL or IELTS, with minimum scores, met if English language is not your first language). A past degree or work experience in English may be enough.

You will require the following to finish your application for the Executive Diploma Scholarships for Women at the University of Oxford:

  • a CV/resume
  • two references (minimum of one professional)
  • academic transcripts (comprising official translations if appropriate)
  • proof of English language ability
  • two essays (500 words each)

Submit your CV for review for:

  • Diploma in Artificial Intelligence for Business
  • Diploma in Financial Strategy
  • Diploma in Global Business
  • Diploma in Organisational Leadership
  • Diploma in Strategy and Innovation

Your application essays afford you the chance to display your knowledge, curiosity and understanding into the relevant field. The essay topics are:

  • Please specify why you want to study for the diploma. You must focus on the organisational, tactical and/or financial challenges you are presently facing and describe how you think the program will assist you tackle these challenges.
  • What are your primary accomplishments in your present position and what were your reasons for taking this role?

Very Important

  • Applicants’ suitability for these scholarship awards will be evaluated via both the scholarship award statement and the diploma application form.
  • The CV and transcripts handed in with the program application may be utilised when evaluating scholarship award suitability, however, they recommend that any detail you feel is important for scholarship evaluation is highlighted within the scholarship award statement.
  • Applicants are also encouraged to offer a context where appropriate; for instance, if success has been attained through individual determination, ambition or inspiration.
  • Please note that the scholarship award supporting statement is not used during the admissions procedure.

Application Deadline

Visit here for more details and to apply

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